The Anomaly: Autosomal Regressive

A siren whirrs, the doctors stir

The ED is teeming, a constant blur

The shouts and yells of caregivers had doth begin

Drowning out the beeping alarms above the din

The trolley on rusty wheels does squeak

On it the young man motionless and meek

His septic shock is not a condition one would envy

He might otherwise appreciate the monitoring device so shiny and trendy

Sensors, pricks and alarms abound

His pain makes him yell but you hear no sound

His hope rests on the tireless doctors and nurses

In his mind, the gods responsible for his creation he curses

But such is the anomaly of the healthcare setting

A gamble of sorts, on science you’re betting

Despite the attention, the pressure plummets as does the saturation

Time to intubate and start a norad infusion

The vitals are stable but the patient unconscious

Then begins the real battle, the civil war of the conscience

With financial strife, an ICU is out of the question

How did we reach here, was there no moral injunction?

The anomaly of inequitable healthcare in every corner clamours

Yet, simultaneously the technology advances are built to enamour

The exponential growth of research we relish

And adoption of the snazzy with a spirit so zealous

What about those who fall through the crevice?

And thus the financial anomaly unfolds

The system so warm and, yet, so bitterly cold

The real cost of medicine, the truly sardonic price

There lies no option but “Discharge against medical advice”

In a system so chaotic there seems not a moment too static

The flurry of patients, to be Hippocratic

The systems very genome, the media deems malevolent

Yet practitioners in their exhaustion do their utmost to remain empathetic and benevolent

Sadly, this monstrous system we’ve created makes it all too easy to move on and forget

Patient number 34501, wheeled out in the sunset to his inevitable death.

Rohan D’Souza: About the Author

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