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The ignorance in the clinical community is what I refer to as ‘The Bubble Theory’. As a medical student/clinician we are perennially caught up in a small world of patient care, exams, studying, CMEs/conferences and hospital administrative work. This makes it all the more difficult to find a job when you do decide to take the plunge and search for ‘greener pastures’. I was extremely lucky to get my first job at Pfizer, in fact I have my dog to thank for that!

Since then, I have garnered a lot more experience when it comes to job hunting and in this wonderful age of technology these are platforms I’d recommend:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a bit different from other platforms in that it is less “social” and more “business” than Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. LinkedIn is older than the other “big name” social media platforms, and the business differentiation is a useful advantage for doctors, administrators, professionals and healthcare providers. More than two million doctors and other practitioners maintain an individual or company profile. Create a profile, start networking and apply for jobs. Get cracking!

Curofy: One of the more popular social media platforms for clinicians, with reportedly over 200,000 doctors. Curofy is meant to help you diagnose and treat your patients better literally via crowd sourcing. Beyond that it also has a useful genie feature and provides you with tools to set up your own website. They do have employment opportunities listed as well.

Docplexus: Their mission is to ‘Empower Doctors’ by providing them access to expert opinion, guidelines and recent advances in medicine. Similar USP to Curofy.

PlexusMD: Rohan Desai, a doctor and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus, saw doctors as a not-so-well-connected lot when it comes to networking with healthcare companies and searching for jobs across the healthcare spectrum. He started PlexusMD, which allows doctors to showcase their profile, find jobs and stay connected with hospitals and patients.

One important piece of advice here would be to apply through someone (a.k.a a contact). Recommendations are CRUCIAL! Not many recruiters hire purely on the basis of an online application anymore. Build your network and meet with people so that you can then tap into your own personal network when in need of a new professional adventure.

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