The Apple : Keys to your new Kingdoms

Much as the snake did in the Garden of Eden, here’s an apple that I wish I knew of years ago when I started this journey! (P.S. I’ve put down whatever I can here but you can get in touch with me in case you are in an exploratory mood:

I have divided the careers in to 2 broad aspects: Within healthcare and Beyond healthcare.

The former is one I have seen a lot more of than the latter. Healthcare is so much more than clinical medicine and I hope to demonstrate that here. With each profile I have attached a link to a tribute story to inspire you to go conquer the world. I promise this list will be ever changing as I keep meeting more and more inspirational people! (Click on any of the professions to read on and be inspired)

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technology: These 2 industries have a plethora of different options for healthcare professionals. I’ve scratched the surface here. 

  • Medical Advisor (No you don’t always need an MD Pharmacology)
  • Others: Marketing, Research and Development, Regulatory/Safety, Medical writer etc.
  • Fellowships in Medical Technology: School of International BioDesign

Digital Health is a wave that’s been growing exponentially of late and here are a couple of experts who have caught it.

Consulting: Consulting is another extremely lucrative career.Companies such as McKinsey, BCG and PWC hire doctors as healthcare consultants to work with hospital administrators, pharma, medical technology and device companies etc.

Entrepreneurship:Pharmeasy (Online pharmacy), Unacademy (e-learning), CloudPhysician (Tele-ICU),

Investor: Bringing together the money and brains to disrupt healthcare

Public Health: For those who hope to make the world a better place: WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Global Health Professional:Looking at healthcare from a different lens to improve access and quality of healthcare

Medical Litigation: Medico-legal cases are coming to the developing world, learn to embrace it as this expert did

Bioinformatics: The love child of clinical medicine and data

Modern Age Research: New forms of research in the digital world are also opening up a world of opportunities.

Medical Writing: Medical Writing has become popular of late and companies such as Cactus and Apcer hire doctors who have a penchant for scientific writing.

Healthcare UI/UX expert: In-demand, upcoming and exciting! Building the bridge between healthcare professionals and software.

Insurance: To do or not do that is the question. Not for the faint-hearted.

Hospital Administration: Build an empire as this man did, or manage a healthcare centre, the choice is yours

Nanotechnology: Explore the latest advances science and technology have to offer at institutes across India as he did.

Medical Illustrator: For the gifted ones, much unlike myself, who can draw

Model: Manushi Chillar

Fashion Entrepreneur:Dress for the job you want not the job you have

Show Biz :What do the director of Mad Max Fury Road and Chang from Hangover have in common? That’s right, doctors! Ken Jeong (Hangover), Mad Max Fury Road Director, All the worlds a stage and some doctors grace it with their presence, or sing their way to the top

World Bank President: Enough said. Another one of us.

AuthorAtul Gawande , Siddharta Mukerjee to name a few

FootballerFor those fanatics like me, I can see your eyes light up!

Stand up comedianTickling and fixing your funny bone

Wonder Woman: I’m not even kidding….

Interesting concepts within Medicine you may not have explored:

If you have anything else you would like me to research or include. Put it in the comments below!

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How to find a job


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